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At Mulgrue Swim Academy, we build your child's confidence as he learns to swim. Respect, Responsibility and Manners.......... No Extra Charge.

Level 1 & 2

These beginner levels are taught together.  Students must be 37” tall; 8-10 students per class.  Includes bobs, floats and crawl stroke with several breaths.  Max 10 students


Level 3

Introduces work in deep water.  Includes kneeling dives, crawl stoke, backstroke and treading water.  Max 9 students


Level 4

Includes standing dives, crawl stoke with side breath, breaststroke and sidestroke kicks.  Max 9 students


Level 5

Includes endurance training, proficient breaststroke, sidestroke, crawl stroke, and butterfly kick introduction. Max 9 students.


Level 6

Includes compete butterfly, lap work, flip turns and dives off board.  Max 9 students


Level 7

Includes 5-minute treading, 500-yard swim, enhancement of all stokes and endurance training.  Max 9 students